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Awards Matrix
Trying to keep track of how many awards to buy and how deep to go into the various categories can be confusing. Then you have to relate that information to the person that is making the awards. The matrix can be given to your awards maker and they will appreciate how concise it is.

The Awards Matrix is an Excel spread sheet designed to help you keep track of your awards needs. Simply enter a 1 in the appropriate box and it will total your awards by category, and placement. This is a simple matrix with the formulas protected. You can add additional categories that you have as well. "RIGHT CLICK" on Awards Matrix and select "SAVE TARGET AS" to download your free Awards Matrix cheat sheet.

Most of the plaques below are done on solid Alder Wood plaque base. They produce a very good contrast and come with keyhole slots for hanging. Plaques are also available in cherry, walnut and oak. Darker wood however, can hide the engraved detail and be difficult to read.
Plaque prices vary with the size of the plaque and if it has a metal or plastic appliqué on the face. Generally,  wood only plaques, run in the area of $14 to $24. Plaques larger than 8 X 10 are more expensive depending on their size and they are special order.  Plaques with a solid engraved border around the outside dimensions, are $6.00 extra. Prices do not include shipping.

I am not the best photographer and some samples appear washed out. That is caused by my inability to take a good picture. Later photos were done with a much better camera. The Atlantic Guns appreciation plaque has the most realistic color for the Alder Wood. How I got that picture right is beyond me!

All pricing quotes are for standard materials and limited graphic work.  Some logos or graphics, provided by the customer, are not useable in their original condition. Lasers need a good line drawing to for the best results. Many graphics can be converted and made usable. At times,  this can require several hours of extra work and a graphic conversion fee may be necessary. 

First time designs may require a small set up fee. If you reuse a design that you have already ordered in the past, there would be no set up charges.  If you select a stock design from the samples, there is no set up fee.

An economical way to order match plaques, is to order a generic plaque, with no date,  We can put an outline at the bottom for centering a plate that will have the year and category on it.  You can peel and stick the plate on plaques that you need and any leftover plaques can be used the following year.  This cuts way down on overall waste. If you don't have anyone in a category, it is a lot cheaper to discard a $1.00 plate than a $20 plus plaque.

Inexpensive Bullet Style Awards Plaques   (Starting at $9.75)          Use 38/45 Or Shotgun Cases For Legs

Generic Placement Plaque, add plate

Special Order Shield Plaques


Plaques with an engraved full boarder around the outside parameter are $6.00 extra.



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