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We cannot laser engrave (etch) guns with a blued or Parkerized finish.

Grips, stocks, forearms all beg to be engraved.  The cost for forearm work depends on the amount of preparation needed and whether you use a pre-prepared design or have us create a special design for you.  All items must be less than 25 inches in length to fit in the machine. The pictured forearms are in the $20 to $100 range. Modifications to the makeup of the patterns may required additional set up fees.  We cannot go over existing checkering or a previous engravings.  The curvature of the surface may limit how close we can get to the outer edge of the work piece.

Engraving on Wood - Laser engraving wood is always interesting.  Every species of wood is different and so are the results when laser engraved.  Wood density, species, wood stains and the finish on the wood all create variances in the final outcome.  Because of this, there is no way to guarantee that one engraving will resemble another.  Softer woods don't burn and usually don't give a dark look. Hardwoods, like oak, will give a textured appearance.  The lighter the wood color, the greater the contrast and in most cases, the lighter wood displays the engraving better.  This is why we use alder wood for our plaques.  Dark walnut engraves fine but the visual contrast is not as vibrant as with lighter wood shades.

We can combine or alter any of the samples below. They are a small display of customers requests.

The CO2 laser cuts straight up and down and does not put an angle on traditional type checkering. Stars, on the other hand, are very popular and provide a superior grip. Fees do not include shipping. Prices do not include the removal or replacement of the wood from the gun. We cannot engrave metal with a blued finish. It must be stainless steel, coated metal, anodized aluminum or uncoated brass.

All pricing quotes are for standard materials and limited graphic work. 
Prices do not include shipping and insurance.

Composite, laminated woods, horn, ebony, antler, bone and exotic materials slightly higher.

First time designs may require a small set up fee. If you reuse a design that you have already ordered in the past, there would be no set up charges.  If you select a stock design from the samples, there is no set up fee.

Some logos or graphics, provided by the customer, are not useable in their original condition. Lasers need a good line drawing for the best results. Many graphics can be converted and made usable. Some are just not good enough to convert.  At times,  graphic redesigns, can require several hours of extra work and a graphic conversion fee may be necessary.


Personalized Forearms

Stars & Stripes Theme matches frame pattern

Stars & Stripes Continued

Add initials or name to forearm

Add initials or name to forearm

 Name Over Stars

Carbine forearm with scrolls over stars

John Leaman's Freedom

Chuckaroo #1

Chuckaroo #2

Center Star

Jack U Mist Horseshoes

Doc Zahn's Tooth Pattern


Wedding Gift


Combination of Scrolls, Stars and Text

Initials Rectangle

Initials Script

The Pegleg Pete

Barbary Red

Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds & Spades

Tribute Message

Rattler, Card Suites and Four Deuces

Let Freedom Ring

Steer Head / Indian Head Dress

Ruby Red's Shamrocks

The Right To Keep And Bear Arms

Honor Flight Tribute Gun


Diamond Checkering

Macon A Longshot With Initials For Checkering

Dutch's 1887

God Bless America

God Bless America

Jug Brownings "Jugs"  

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