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We cannot laser engrave (etch) guns with a blued, nickel, chrome or Parkerized finish.

We have a class 1 Federal Firearms License so we can accept the frame of a firearm.

Etching is black and will not show up on firearms with a blued finish. 

Some gun finishes are dark, like older Glock's, and the laser removes the factory coating to expose the metal.

The older Glock pistol slides engrave well*. Laser engraving leaves a silver/gray image. The top and right side of the slide are excellent areas for engraving.

Glock has modified the process they use for finishing their slides. The process has changed on all 4th generation (all 4th generation guns have 4th generation written on them) and some 3rd generation pistols (these are not marked).  My old settings do not work on the newer slides.  Until I can establish new settings, (which may sacrifice a slide), we cannot accept these newer slides for engraving.  Before sending a slide for engraving, please check with Glock's technical department (located in Georgia) to identify the finish that your gun has.

Stainless steel guns engrave very well. The engraving shows up black and is very fine in detail. 1911 slides offer a great opportunity for personalization.

The Bond Arms derringer is perfect for laser engraving. There are four flat panels on the removable barrel and they laser engrave well, leaving a sharp black etching on the stainless steel barrel. Prices start around $25 per engraving, for the first side, plus shipping and insurance

Stainless steel engraving, like the Ruger's below, starts at $85. Prices vary on the amount of work required to create the final design, gun disassembly and complexity.

We cannot go over existing checkering or a previous engravings.  The curvature of the surface may limit how close we can get to the outer edge of the work piece.

Laser engraving on metal surfaces is not deep. On stainless guns, the effect is more like etching and not, what I consider, traditional engraving. The bare stainless steel must be coated first. The laser then etches through the coating, leaving a black etching in the metals surface. After engraving, the coating is removed.

All pricing quotes are for standard materials and limited graphic work.  Composite, horn, antler, bone and exotic materials slightly higher.  Depending on the complexity of the work, a one time set up fee may be applied.

We can combine or alter any of the samples below. They are a small display of customers requests.  Some logos or graphics, provided by the customer, are not useable in their original condition. Lasers need a good line drawing for the best results. Many graphics can be converted and made usable. Some are just not good enough to convert. At times,  graphic redesigns, can require several hours of extra work and a graphic conversion fee may be necessary.
   The ideal graphic is a vector line drawing, preferably in Corel draw. 


Put Your Alias On A Ruger Aluminum Grip Frame

($25 as Shown)


Stainless Steel Gun Personalization

 Stainless Steel Ruger Vaqueros

 Stainless Steel 1911 Slides


Glock Gun Decoration (No 4th Gens)


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