The Westshore Posse

These rules are in addition to the Official SASS Rules used by the Westshore Posse

Last Edited On 3/20/12

General Club Rules, Additions and Clarifications

1. If a shooter shoots targets out of order, count only the actual misses, regardless of whether it was the correct target.

2. Maximum number of procedurals per stage is two, one for stage direction (shooting sequence, vocals and movement)   and one for safety.

3. Setting a rifle or shotgun down, during the stage, with the action closed, is a 10 second safety procedural. (*1)

4. Setting a rifle down, action open, during the stage, with a round left in it, is a 10 second safety procedural. (*1)

5. Holstering a pistol with a live round is a 10 second safety procedural. (*1)

6. Setting a pistol down on a prop with a live round in it is a 10 second safety procedural. (*1)

7. Pistol ammo must be between 650 fps and 1000 fps, rifle ammo must be between 650 fps and 1400 fps. Shot shells must be shot size 7 1/2 or smaller.

8. Any practice or test firing must be done under the guidance of the RO.

9. Range calls are "Stop Squib", shooters stops shooting that firearm immediately and hands it to a posse worker, then proceeds with the remainder of the stage, ( If it is determined that there was no squib, the shooter gets a reshoot ). "Down Range" means finish with your stage, go to a cease fire condition only after you are finished. "Cease Fire" means stop shooting immediately, go to a cease fire condition, you will get a reshoot for that stage. During a cease fire condition, no one is to handle any firearm.

10. Reshoots will be given for prop failures, wrong calls by the RO and timer errors. Reshoots are not given for gun or ammo malfunctions. When given a reshoot, the shooter starts the reshoot "clean" and does not carry over any misses from the first attempt.

11. SASS Rules are many. It is the responsibility of each shooter to be familiar with the Official SASS Rules used by this club.

12. All shooters must wear shoes or boots that meet SASS rules and that barefoot shooting is no longer allowed.

Stage DQ's

1. Shooting through a prop on the firing line.

2. Pointing and empty gun (or shot out gun) at anyone.

3. Leaving the unloading table with loaded guns for anywhere but the firing line.

4. Drawing a crossdraw handgun while in a seated position.

5. Breaking the 170 degree rule at anytime, including the use of cross draw holsters.

6. Discharges that hit between 5 and 10 feet of the firing line.

7. A dropped empty gun.

8. Not stopping on command of RO.

9. Spirit of the Game violation.

10. Moving with a cocked gun or gun with a live round in the chamber.

Match DQ's

1. Any two stage DQ's.

2. A dropped loaded gun.

3. Using any ammunition not meeting SASS or club specifications.

4. Anyone displaying a belligerent or threatening attitude.

5. Use of alcohol or drugs.

6. Behavior or language unfitting to a family atmosphere.

7. Pointing a loaded gun at anyone.

8. Any shot less than five feet in front of the firing line or a shot over the berm area.

(*1) Shooter can go back and even redraw firearm as long as they have not cocked the next firearm in the stage.

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